Where Does A Kid Learn Values Like That?

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Check out Conor Gilmore's winning video submission for the Great Video Making Contest. Conor won $1500 in cash and a complete GoPro helment mount video camera system.

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Where Does A Kid Learn Values Like That?

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The Soo Bahk Do Institute Fast Forwards And Rewinds Videos

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Did you know that the Soo Bahk Do® Institute allows you to watch all videos in slow motion (1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 speeds) so you can see exactly how a technique is performed?

Did you know that you can also fast forward (2X, 4X and 8X speed) to get through longer videos quickly without missing anything?

And did you know that you can even watch videos in REVERSE fast or slow?

You can't do any of this on YouTube.